Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pansage Crochet Pattern

It's finally done! (More pictures after the break) This pattern took a seriously long time to design but I think it turned out pretty well. It was certainly more complicated than Joltik >_< Pansage wasn't one of those Pokemon that I loved instantly when I played the game but after watching the Anime I fell in love with it's cuteness! And I just adore Cilan, his personality is so bright and energetic! XD Hope you all enjoy the pattern and as always let me know if you have any find any mistakes! Oh and I'm working on the alterations for the other monkeys, Panpour and Pansage since a few people have asked for those (Panpour is first since I was asked for that one first). They have different tails, head pieces, muzzle shapes, ear insets, and body markings so I have to work out all those different things! Wish me luck and if you have any problems with the pattern let me know! (And if you want to get started on Panpour or Pansear you can start making the legs, head, ears, and tail using this pattern. All those should be made in the main color of the pokemon, blue or red, except Panpour has yellow legs, refer to pictures before you start! The other pieces will have color changes so you'll have to wait till I figure out how to do them) 

Materials needed:
Green yarn (I used Med. Thyme from redheart)
Light yellow yarn (I used cornmeal from redheart)
Small amounts of light green, white, black, gold
Black and white felt (optional)
G hook or size needed to get a tight crochet
F hook for small pieces, use when indicated
Wire for tail (optional)
Plastic pellets for body (optional)

This pattern is worked continuously in rounds and uses these techniques:
Sc-single crochet
inc- increase
Dec-decrease, particularly I recommend the invisible decrease, check it out on google if you don't know how to do it, it makes the decreases less obvious
Dc- Double crochet
hdc- half double crochet
magic ring- if you don't know what this is I recommend googling it and learning it, it's one of the best techniques for making amigurumi/plushes. If you can't do the ring then just chain 2 and put the number of sc needed into one of the chs. But the magic ring makes it so that there is virtually no hole in the piece you're making, it's really worth learning!

The numbers at the end of each round are how many stitches you should have at the end of that round.

Super important note!!!: This pattern is made with two strands of yarn held together as one, I usually do this as it gives you a bigger plush easily. Plus you can use a bigger hook and the pieces work up more easily. You can use one strand if you want, you'll just get a smaller plush. However you'll need to alter the pattern for the eyes to make them smaller. Just a heads up!

Alright everyone, it's pattern time! XD Sorry, I had to!

Note: When stuffing thin pieces like arms or the tail, you can use something like a chopstick or pen to shove the stuffing into tight places.

Head (Green)
R1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
R2: inc in all (12)
R3: *1sc, inc* repeat between * (18)
R4: *2sc, inc* repeat (24)
R5: *3sc, inc* repeat (30)
R6: *4sc, inc* repeat (36)
R7: *5sc, inc* repeat (42)
R8: *6sc, inc* repeat (48)
R9-17: sc in each sc (48)
R18: *6sc, dec* repeat (42)
R19: *5sc, dec* repeat (36)
R20: *4sc, dec* repeat (30)
R21: *3sc, dec* repeat (24)
start stuffing here
R22: *2sc, dec* repeat (18)
R23: *1sc, dec* repeat (12)
R24: *dec* repeat around (6)
Finish stuffing and sew up hole, finish off.

Body (Start with green)
R2: inc in all (12)
R3: *1sc, inc* repeat between * (18)
R4: *2sc, inc* repeat (24)
R5: *3sc, inc* repeat (30)
R6: *4sc, inc* repeat (36)
R7: *11sc, inc* repeat (39)
R8-13: sc in each sc (39)
Change to yellow now
R14: *11sc, dec* repeat (36)
R15: *4sc, dec* repeat (30)
R16-21: sc in each sc (30)
R22: *3sc, dec* repeat (24)
R23:*2sc, dec* repeat (18)
R24: sc in each sc (18)
Finish off and stuff. Leave a long tail so you can sew the head on later.
Note about stuffing: In my plush I put plastic beads in the bottom so it would sit nicely. This is completely optional but helpful since Pansage is top heavy. You can buy these at craft stores and online. Buy a cheap pair of nylons (you can find them for like 60 cents in a little plastic capsule thingy at most department stores) and fill with as much beads as you like then knot it off and continue folding the excess panty hose over it again and again till it's all used up. Put this in first then put stuffing on top of it. If you don't have the plastic beads I've heard of people using dry beans or even those little glass beads that you put in vases.

Arm (Make 2 in yellow)
Note about stuffing: Be sure to stuff the arms as you go since they're so thin, it's much easier that way. And if you want the arms to be kind of posable, stuff them pretty firmly. But not so firmly that the stuffing shows!
R1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
R2: inc in all (12)
R3: *2sc, inc* repeat (16)
R4-6: sc in each sc (16)
R7: *2sc, dec* repeat (12)
R8: *1 sc, dec* repeat (8) Stuff paw now.
R9-24: sc in each sc (8) Remember to stuff as you go!
Finish off.

Leg (Make 2 in green)
R1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
R2: inc in all (12)
R3: *1sc, inc* repeat (18)
R4-8: sc in each sc (18)
R9: *1, dec* repeat (12)
R10: sc in each sc (12)
R11: 1 sc, dec, 4 sc, dec, 3 sc (10)
R12-17: sc in each sc (10)
Stuff and finish off. Leave a long tail to sew to body

Tail (Make one in green)
Note: Stuff the tail pretty firmly as you go along, this will make it somewhat posable when it's done. You can also add wire to your tail if you want but be sure to bend the sharp ends over first! In my plush I just stuffed the tail, no wire.
R1: 4sc in ring (4)
R2: inc in all (8)
R3-27: sc in each sc (8)
Stuff as you go! Finish off leaving long tail for sewing

Tail Leaves (Make 2 in green)
Note: For the leaves be sure to spread your increases and decreases out evenly along the row, don't put them all at the beginning or the end.
R1: 4sc in ring (4)
R2: Inc, 4 sc (5)
R3: two increases, sc in rest (7)
Turn piece inside out now to make it pointy, you might not have to do this but my 'right side' of the crochet always ends up inside (this is the side which has ridges, if you're confused you can find more info via google)
R4: 3 increases, sc in rest (10)
R5: 2 increases, sc in rest (12)
R6: 2 increases, sc in rest (14)
R7-8: sc in each sc (14)
R9: 2 decreases, sc in rest (12)
R10: 2 decreases, sc in rest (10)
R11: 3 decreases, sc in rest (7)
R12: 2 dec, sc in rest (5)
Finish off and flatten, you don't have to stuff it. Sew the two leaves together before you sew them onto the tail. See pictures for help.

Face inset/muzzle (in yellow)
This is worked in an oval shape, if you don't know how to make an oval shape or you get lost, go to the link on shapes in my post here or find reference elsewhere online. For the first round of the oval the last stitch goes into the first stitch of the round so that the stitches at the end both have 3 sc in them.
Sc 2 in first ch and sc 8 more. Now put 3 sc in next ch.
Now we're going to go around the other side of the chain, working in rounds because we're making an oval shape. 9sc on other side of chain. Mark as end of first round.
R2: Put 3sc into next sc, sc 10, put 3 sc in next sc, 10 sc
R3: put 3 sc into next sc, 12 sc, put 3 sc in next sc, 12 sc
R4: sc 2, put 3 sc in next sc, 14 sc, put 3 sc in next sc, sc 14, do a few slip stitches and finish off.
Now we're going to make the bumps on the muzzle that gives it that sort of heart shape.
Attach the yarn into one of the sides of the muzzle. You can find the middle of the oval and count 9 stitches over to the side too.
Ch1, *3 hdc, 4 dc, hdc, slip stitch 2 times* repeat continuing across the muzzle to make the other bump
Ch1 turn, 3 hdc, dc, dc inc, dc inc, dc, slip stich, slip stich, dc, dc inc, dc inc, dc, 3 hdc, slip stich a few times and finish off.

Ear (make 2 in green)
R1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
R2: inc in all (12)
R3: *1sc, inc* repeat between * (18)
R4-6: sc in each sc (18)
R7: *2sc, inc* repeat (24)
R8-9: sc in each sc (24)
R10: *2sc, dec* repeat (18)
R11-13: sc in each sc (18)
R14: *1 sc, dec* repeat (12)
R15: *dec* repeat (6)
Sew hole shut, you don't need to stuff these, leave tail for sewing. when you sew them on put the last row down or make the last row the bottom of the ear.

Inner ear part (light green)
I almost didn't make this part so if you don't have this yarn don't worry, it still looks really cute without it! We're working in an oval shape again.
Inc, 3 sc, put 3 sc in next sc
going around other side of chain, working in the round.
4sc, mark as end of row
R2: put 3 sc in next sc, 5 sc, put 3 sc in next sc, 5 sc, slip stitch. 
chain 3, sc in next chain from hook and one more (2sc total) and slip stitch to join with main oval. This is the pointy part of the inner ear. Slip stitch a few more times to make the shape smoother.

Head piece/plant/tree thingy (make 2 in green)
This is the main part, we'll make the bumps separately, again we're making an oval shape.
Ch 10
Inc, sc 7, put 3 sc in next sc, sc 7. mark as end of round
R2: 3 sc in next sc, sc 9, 3 sc in next sc, sc 9
R3: sc, 3 sc in next sc, 11 sc, 3 sc in next sc, sc 10
R4: sc 2, 3 sc in next sc, 13 sc, 3 sc in next sc, 11 sc. Finish off.
Once you have two of these made put the right sides together and crochet around the edge as much as you can while still being able to turn it inside out. Turn inside out and stuff lightly (you don't want it to be too heavy), sew the hole shut.

Bumps for head tree thingy (make 7 in green)
R1: 6sc in ring (6)
R2: inc in all (12)
R3-5: sc in each sc (12)
Finish off and stuff lightly. Leave tails for sewing.

Spots for head tree (make 3 in gold color) Made with 1 strand of yarn and F hook
R1: 6sc in ring (6)
slip stich and finish off, leave tail for sewing

Support piece for head tree (make 1 in green)
This is the part that attaches to the plant to the head.
R1: 4 sc in ring (4)
R2: inc in all (8)
R3-5: sc in all (8)
R6: *1sc, inc* repeat (12)
finish off and leave tail for sewing. When you stuff this part you need to stuff it like it's your job, seriously stuff this piece! It supports the somewhat heavy head piece so it has to be sturdy. I stuffed it as full as I could then when I had it mostly sewn on to the head I jammed a little more stuffing underneath.

Eye (make 2 in white) You can make the eyes out of felt instead Made with one strand of yarn and F hook
Ch 8
inc, sc 5, 3 sc in next sc, 6 sc. mark as end of round.
R2: 3 sc in next sc, sc 7, 3 sc in next sc, 7 sc.
R3: sc, 3 sc in next sc,9 sc, 3 sc in next sc, 8 sc, slip stich two times.
finish off and leave tail for sewing.

Black part/pupil (make 2) Made with one strand of yarn and F hook
inc, sc 1, 3 sc in next sc, sc 2 end of first round
R2: 3 sc in sc, 3 sc, 3 sc in next sc, sc, slip stich
finish off, leave tail for sewing

Sewing order: (This is just what I did, you can do it however you like)
1. head to body
2. legs to body
3. arms to body
4. tail to body
5. face piece/muzzle
6. ear insets to ears
7. ears to head
8. sew bumps to plant, sew the top 3 on then sew the bottom two, then the side bumps. This way you can make sure you have room for the support piece.
9. sew support piece to plant gold dots to plant
11. sew plant to head
12. sew pupil to white of eye, sew eyes to head and embroider mouth/nose
Use pictures as reference when sewing.

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed it, if you find any mistakes let me know. And if you really like this pattern you can contribute to this blog using the button on the sidebar. If not, that's cool too, I just want these patterns to be available for everyone ^_^

Hahaha I had to! XD So cute!

Finished plush is over a foot tall, size will vary depending on how tight or loose you crochet.
Pansage and Pokemon are copyright Nintendo. This is an original pattern made by me, please don't claim it as your own. It's not ok to sell this pattern or anything you make from it, I've made this pattern available for free so everyone can make it ^_^ Thank you!


  1. This is sooooooooooooooo cute!

    1. Wahhhh thank you so much! XD I'm glad you like it!

  2. What is going to be your next free pattern?

    1. I have a few I'm working on, Pansear will be next but that's just some alterations. Then I'm working on Deerling and another Pokemon that's kind of complicated, I'm not sure if I can do it or not so I don't want to get anyone's hopes up by mentioning what it is ^_^; It'll be a surprise I guess!

  3. Omg I'm so excited, my grandson loves this Pokemon. I'm going to follow your pattern. Thanks for sharing the pattern.