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Madoka Magica Sweets Witch Charlottle (Mogu mogu ver)

Charlotte the sweets witch mogu mogu version! It's amazing how fast you can get the last bit of something done when you put it away for 6 months >_> Honestly I think I was avoiding sewing on all the little red polka dots! This is a pretty easy pattern and you could make it even easier by making some of the details out of felt!
About 14.5 inches long (not including nose), a good size for a decorative couch pillow. 
Free pattern after the jump!

Read pattern carefully before starting, particularly the instructions at the beginning of the pattern. There are also many tips throughout the pattern and in the assembly section that will help you when making different pieces, be sure to read those too! Please do not sell or distribute this pattern or the finished product!
* Black worsted weight yarn
*  Small amounts of tan and yellow worsted weight yarn

* Red worsted weight yarn

* White worsted weight yarn

* Small amounts of blue and pink worsted weight yarn

*Large yarn needle for sewing pieces together
* F hook

*G hook
*Straight pins for pinning pieces on before sewing them on


Note: there is no gauge for this pattern. The only thing that is important is that you have a tight stitch when crocheting. If you use the recommended hooks it should be fine but if you are someone who crochets more loosely you may want to reduce the hook size accordingly.
This pattern is worked in rounds (unless otherwise noted) and may use any of the following techniques/abbreviations:
Sc- single crochet
inc- increase
dec- decrease, particularly you should use the invisible decrease if you know how to do it (if you don't, there are many tutorials available online)
sc in each sc or work even- single crochet in each single crochet, don't add any increases or decreases
R- round or row
Ch- chain
hdc- half double crochet
# sc or sc #- for example 5 sc or sc 5 both mean to crochet in the next 5 sc, with one single crochet in each.
Repeat (*)- repeat what is between the asterisks * until you come to the end of the round, unless otherwise indicated
ring- magic ring. If you cannot do this technique then you may substitute this: ch 2 and sc however many were supposed to go in the ring into the second ch. However this will leave a small hole in the piece, this is why the magic ring is preferred, it leaves no visible hole. Many tutorials on how to do the magic ring are available online.
The numbers in parenthesis at the end of each row are the number of stitches you should have when that row is done. Mark the start of each round with a marker and move this marker as you complete rows/rounds. This pattern is worked in the round (continuous spiral) unless otherwise noted.

All pieces (unless otherwise indicated) are worked with TWO strands of yarn together. You may do this by taking the strand on the outside of the skien and the one which comes from the inside of the skien together. Crochet with two strands the same way you would crochet if you had only one, hold them both together as you crochet. This will yield a bigger plush faster and with less effort than crocheting with only one strand. This pattern has not been tested for only one strand and pieces such as the eyes would need to be adjusted for size on your own.
 All pieces are made with G hook and TWO STRANDS of yarn unless otherwise indicated.

Body (black, G hook 2 strands)
Stuff as you go.
Round1- 6sc in ring (6)
R2- inc in each sc (12)
R3- *sc, inc * (18)
R4- *2sc, inc* (24)
R5- *3 sc, inc* (30)
R6- *4sc, inc* (36)
R7-*5sc, inc* (42)
R8-*6sc, inc* (48)
R9-23- work even (48)
R24- *6sc, dec* (42)
R25-27- work even (42)
R28- *5sc,dec* (36)
R29-34- work even (36)
R35- *4sc, dec* (30)
R36-39- work even (30)
R40-*3sc, dec* (24)
R41-43- work even (24)
R44-*6sc, dec* (21)
R45-work even (21)
R46-*5sc, dec* (18)
R47- work even (18)
R48-*4sc, dec* (15)
R49-*3sc, dec* (12)
R50- work even (12)
R51- *2sc, dec* (9)
R52- *sc, dec* (6)
R53- dec twice, slip stitch, and close up.

Face (F hook 1 strand white)
Round1- 6sc in ring (6)
R2- inc in each sc (12)
R3- *sc, inc * (18)
R4- *2sc, inc* (24)
R5- *3 sc, inc* (30)
R6- *4sc, inc* (36)
R7-*5sc, inc* (42)
R8-*6sc, inc* (48)
R9- *7sc, inc* (54)
R10- *8sc, inc* (60)
R11- *9sc, inc* (66)
R12- work even (66) Finish off, leave long tail

Face edging (make 7 with F hook, white) 
These will be small half circles that will go around the edge of the face
Row 1- make 6 dc in ring
Row2- dc inc in each dc except the last one. (11 dc)

Ears (make one in red G hook two strands and one in blue G hook 2 strands)
Worked in rows, ch 1 and turn at end of each row
Row1- Ch9, sc 8 (8)
Row2-5 sc in each sc (8)
R6- dec, sc 4, dec (6)
R7- work even (6)
R8-dec, sc 2, dec (4)
R9-20- work even (4)
Now we will crochet along the long side of the ear to add the bumps, first three small ones then one large one.
Sc 7 along long side, ch 1 and turn, sc 3, dec, sc, dec, slip stitch down side and repeat two more times (total of 3 small bumps/half circles). Sc 8, ch1 and turn, sc 8, dec, sc 4, dec, ch 1 and turn, sc 6, ch 1 and turn, dec, sc 2, dec, ch 1 and turn, dec, dec, sc across top of largest half circle/bump and go all the way across the short side of the ear and down the long side until you end up back and the base where you started.

Nose flower (make 1 in red with F hook, 1 strand)
Into magic ring: sc, ch 2, sc, ch2, sc, ch2, sc, ch2, sc, ch2, sc, slip stitch to join in first sc.
Round 2- *Hdc, dc, hdc* in each ch space, slp stitch into next sc, repeat for 5 petals total.
If this is confusing to you try googling videos for crochet flower making, most use this technique of crocheting around a chain.

Nose cone part (make 1 with F hook and tan yarn, 1 strand)
Round1- 5sc in ring (5)
R2- inc, sc rest (6)
R3- work even (6)
R4- sc 3, inc, sc 2 (7)
R5-inc, sc 5, inc,  sc rest (9)
R6- sc 6, inc, sc 3 (10)
R7- work even (10
R8- sc 3, inc, sc rest (11)
R9-10- work even (11)
Finish off, leave tail for sewing and stuff firmly.

Eyes (these are made in 4 parts, can be made out of felt instead, they are crocheted around a base chain)
Largest part of eye (make 1 in pink and one in tan, f hook, 1 strand)
Round 1- ch 10, inc, sc 7, 3 sc into next ch, sc 7 (you are working down the chain to the bottom then around the other side/back of it
Round 2- 3 sc in first stitch, sc 9, 3 sc in next stitch, sc 9
R3- inc, inc, inc, sc 9, inc, inc, inc, slip stitch to finish

Next smallest part of eye (make one in tan and one in red, f hook, 1 strand)
Round 1- ch 7, inc, sc 4, 3 sc into next ch, sc 4, sc in first ch (it should have 3 in it now)
Round 2- 3 sc into first stitch, sc 6, 3 sc into next stitch, sc 6, slip stitch to finish

Yellow part of eye (make 2 in yellow, F hook 1 strand)
Round 1- ch4, inc, sc, 3 sc into next ch, sc, sc
R2- 3 sc into first stitch, sc 3, 3 sc into next, sc 3, slip stitch to finish

Blue part of eyes/pupil (make 2 in blue with F hook 1 strand)
Round 1- 6 sc in ring (6)
Finish off

Cheeks (make two in yellow, F hook, 1 strand)
Round 1- 6 sc in ring (6)
R2- *inc* (12)
R3- *sc, inc* (18)

Large spots (make w red, F hook, 1 strand)
R1- 6 sc in ring (6)
R2- *inc* (12)
Finish off, leave tail for sewing

Small spots (make w red, f hook, 1 strand)
Round1- 6 sc in ring, finish off, leave tail for sewing

Make as many of these as you want, you could make these out of felt instead too.

Assembly (pin things on first to double check how it will look!)
*sew face to front of cone, sew half circles on around face
*sew eye parts together before sewing them onto face, sew largest part onto the next part then sew on the yellow part then the blue part, this is the easiest way to do it. Then sew the whole eye on. See pictures for help with what color goes where. I made the eyes looking up and away since they looked cross-eyed looking forward.
*Sew flower to nose and nose to face
*sew cheeks to face, embroider mouth. I did the outline of the mouth first then did the teeth
*Sew on ears
*Sew on all the spots, start a little bit back from the face, there is a band w/no spots close to the face.


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