Saturday, May 2, 2015

Over the Garden Wall Crochet Frog and Teapot Hat Pattern

Paging Dr. Cucumber! This will be my Over the Garden Wall crochet pattern masterpost thingy! (If you haven't seen it yet drop everything and go watch it!) The frog pattern was made by one of the production assistants for OTGW and it is absolutely a thing of beauty! I used Little Black Marker's alterations for the hands and feet and also supersized the whole pattern so now the frog is crazy super big! It is truly a statement frog! Everyone will be jealous of you!
The teapot hat is a pattern I made up myself and wrote down on the off chance anyone else needs it. I know traditionally you would make the teapot out of paper mache but personally I would break something like that on the first opportunity. A crocheted teapot also means it can be smashed down flat for travel or storage and it is super light and easy to attach to your head w/bobby pins! 

More info and patterns for the frog, teapot hat, and cosplay outfit after the break!